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I just logged in to write this Review after God knows how long, because this was unbelievably nostalgia inducing. Back when these came out I watched every single Episode at least half a dozen Times and you became one of my favorite Animators on the Interwebz!
Just wanted to say thank you for all those Memories and keep up the work.

Whew, it's been a few Years since I wrote an actual Review on this Site, but here I go.

This Entry was fairly interesting. I watched my fair share of Animations in the "Noir" Genre and this was a decent one. It also parodied the blandness of Daily Routine quite nicely, which always fits this type of Animation.
I'll admit that I couldn't quite enjoy the Style of your little Movie here, but that depends on the Viewer's Taste, so I won't let this affect my rating. The Part that really bugged me though, was when the Chicken / Man Hybrid unleashed this... grotesque Scream. I thought it was too intense and it was honestly just gross at that Moment. I know what you meant with it, but the Scream made it too weird for me and just crossed a Line it should not have crossed.

Otherwise, it was a very good entry for a Noir loopdeloop. I see potential here, as an 8 Years NG Veteran ;). Most of those 8 Years were just lurking though. Lol.

You just had to do it?


I don't think EP 3 is ever going to come out if people keep pissing mr. newell off like this. only because he is a little fat.


Seriously though, I am really starting to think he could get pissed by all those jokes on his expense, yet it's his own fault for being so hilariously obese.

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This Game was simply amazing. The Story line was thin, but just mysterious enough to keep you interested... But the thing that really kept me at it, were the Game's Mechanics and Design! It's been a long Time since I played a Game that made me think about my EVERY SINGLE MOVE like this and yet thoroughly enjoyed the whole Experience! Even when the first level that had a "Cube" to open those Doors in it made me rage like there was no tomorrow, it was a subtle Tutorial on how this Game will trick your Eyes with its Isometric Level Design! Just like every Good Game should be designed... Subtly guiding the Player through every Aspect, without him actually noticing. And I applaud your Effort, because you totally nailed it!
This Game deserves SO much more Attention and Love! I'll try to send it to everybody I know.

"Dan adda dan." -Egoraptor


And I'm not just using a generic title, this really was addictive. Yet I have to agree with others that there should have been far more combinations, which would have made the game so much more fun like for example:

Sex/Lust + Money = Prostitution
Zombie + Food = Brain

or some combinations that were... Let's say not very satisfying like:

Death + Corpse = Zombie? A corpse is already dead more like Demon + corpse or Magic + corpse, hell i would have even accepted life + corpse.

Anyway you couldn't possibly satisfy everyone with the combinations and 100 are plenty. So all in all, this is a great little game that can be thoroughly enjoyed, good job.


Absolutely fantastic! I played this whole game through, gripped by it's intriguing Storyline the action packed shooting and the entire look of the game, which was beautifully made.
There is nothing to complain about, a really entertaining Game with all in it that should be. 10/10 and 5/5 is the least i can give this masterpiece.

Btw. there was one bug, the charging monsters got stuck VERY often. It didn't really bother me, because i enjoyed the free kill, but maybe you should look into that.

Overall this is a MUST play for every fan of a good storyline and action/horror side scrolling shooters.

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My ears!

I can't get this song out of my freaking ears dude. Awesome job, for i usually don't even like this kind of music.
Yet I somehow love this track.

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Alestorm awesomeness.

This is what i think about when listening to alestorm. I guess you've been listening to the band while drawing this? :P

Anyway i wanted to criticize one thing, which is the mead they're spilling which looks a lot like a more... sticky liquid, if you catch my drift.

All in all awesome picture.

TheShadling responds:

Sticky Icky

Moar please!

I freaking love zelda! Most of the characters are hilarious and all are very well drawn. I especially love the gerudu and Kid Link, who looks like a Bandit.

Keep it up and feed us moar epic please.


I like it. Very intense. But... where is the Snake? The snake is like the biggest symbol you could have used for "sin" as it is Satan himself.

Btw. lol at the guy below me being happy about finding out it's about Adam and Eve. The name already tells you it will be about them.

Quack 'n Meh.

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